Management & Technique

Offshore Wind Services

Technical Project Management

WTG Foundations
Jackets and Monopiles

Offshore Wind Expertise

Engineering and Design Management specialized in WTG Foundations with in-depth knowledge of Offshore Wind Project Packages providing technical and managerial support across the organization.

EPCI Planning

EPCI complete planning from early development stages till commissioning.

Time-schedule development with interface links and key activities and milestones towards Financial Closure and Lender Technical Advisor.

Interface links with Contractors across project packages.

Procurement and Contracting

Holistic Contracting support to project packages embedding interfaces with FOU Design from development to construction.

Negotiation of technical schedules, planning, integration and Employer's Requirements and specifications.


PMO procedures

Risk Management

Interface Management

Change Management



Document Control

Technical Management

Engineering and Design Management.

Technical review on contractors documentation, handling of comments and liaison with 3rd parties.

Management on Foundations Design with technical management support across project packages with broad knowledge across multiple packages WTG, T&I, Fabrication, Certification, Cables, etc.

Setup of requirements and supervision of Design aligned with Employer's Requirements.

Load iterations expertise jackets and monopiles.

T&I Interfaces and engineering.

EAC testing technical and contractual setup.

Technical Review

Review, supervision, daily control, meeting management and advisory on project documentation linked to FOU Designer and Contractors.

Liaison with contractors on: Design, WTG, T&I, Fabrication Certification.


Certification liaison requirements, review cycles, ease of verification process.

Independent Analyses setup.

Alignment on preliminary and final comformity statement.